Notice of lead testing (click green text to view)

New lead testing results (click green text to view the full report)   

Findings from the report:


1. "Based on laboratory results, the potable water sources and water fountains  used by the children only the 1st draw from the toddler's sink #2 is above the DCFS standard of 2.0 ppm." (Sink #2 is the hand-washing sink.)


2. "WGM (Weber Management Group, Inc.) recommends that the toddler's sink #2 to be flushed for a minute before use. This procedure is recommended due to the second draw sample of the toddler's sink #2 was below the DCFS standard of 2.0 ppm." (A sign was posted by sink #2 in the toddler room to flush for one minute before using.)


3. Each of our downstairs classrooms has two sinks. One sink is a hand-washing sink and one sink is a food preparation sink. The sinks are separated by a partition in the toddler room and by location of the cabinets in the other three downstairs rooms. 


The Illinois Department of Public Health has compiled this comprehensive list from government sources in order to inform the public about consumer products that may pose a safety hazard to children. These recalls, ordered by federal government agencies like the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, are categorized by topic. The link provided below includes those recalls from 1989 to present. 

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