Connecting the community to Christ, Developing followers of Jesus, Growing in faith, hope, and love.



Relationships Matter (1 John 4:19). . . 

At Open Arms we welcome you because we receive a loving welcome from Christ Jesus.  Here, you will find that relationships matter.  The relationships we have with the Lord, each other, our family systems, with God's Creation, and within ourselves form the foundation of a lifelong love of learning. 


With Jesus (John 15:4-5)

Christ modeled what education, love, and relationships should look like, and so, we lead by His perfect example. 


With Family (Proverbs 22:6)

We believe faith and education begins at home. The Lord has entrusted children to parents as a "heritage from the Lord" to be treasured as a gift from Him.  We uphold that a family's highest calling is to provide for their children's spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.  Open arms is invested in children and it is our desire to uphold the family unit.  We value unity between home and school environments.  Empowered by the Holy Spirit, as a Christian school, we play a vital role in nurturing the spiritual development of children and families. 


With Learning (Philippians 4:9)

Play is a child's work.  We honor each child's growth through personal interactions that allow for a high quality constructivist approach to child led exploring, investigating, and play.  Our loving teachers help children learn by providing a safe and nurturing environment that is inquiry based and explorative.  It is our desire to provide authentic experiences for each child, in all our classrooms, from our infants to our Kindergarten. 


With Creation (Colossians 1:16)

God has created each child as a unique person, with a desire to grow and learn.  We believe that a lifelong love of learning is developed at a very young age.  Education at Open Arms is centered around each individual's needs from the young infant to the kindergarten age child. 


With Yourself (2 Corinthians 5:17)

It is our goal to invest in the holistic development of every child which includes spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and creative development. 


With Others (1 Corinthians 12:14)

We give thanks to Christ for equipping us as we continue to serve our community with the love of the Lord, to grow lasting relationships that uplift our lifelong love of learning and faith.  



We Will Be...














A safe and secure Lutheran early childhood center of the Northshore.




















Well known for the premier care of children.



A loving and caring staff that utilize their God-given talents.



Actively pursuing professional and spiritual growth to provide a well-rounded foundation in faith and life.

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